Sunday, 5 December 2010

You Don't Have to Waste Time Kissing Frogs.

Although I enjoyed writing my blog on Choosing a life partner, my newer understanding is.... As it is a beautiful thing to be clear about what kind of man I want, The Universe will handle this too.  I am now in a space of total surrender.  What a load off!

Mooji, "You are not The One producing yourself.  Something is unfolding like this.  If there is some trust, you can see how the Universe is moving.  It's moving rather well and it brings a lot of things with it."

Q: And What is a relationship?

Mooji: "That also is the destiny of your programming.  It's inside there somehow. Some beings will walk with you for the duration of this bodily existence.  Some will come with bright promises and lights but they fade quickly.  You cannot determine this.  But somehow in the flow of your own unique river you will see everything is as it should be."

Q; It feels good that I don't need to determine anything anymore..

Mooji: "Yes and yet sometimes in the play it might appear as thought you do.  Sometimes consciousness appears as though it determines something and feel very strongly, but its understood this is the flow of consciousness it wants to do this, go like this and other times it's very passive and doesn't want anything at all.  Include all possibilities because nothing can harm you.  Know that nothing can harm me, even if it takes this body away it doesn't amount to harming me.  When you come to know the REAL me, the real I.  This "I" cannot come and go.  It is the witness of all comings and goings but it cannot be removed.  Then somehow it's like the tree of existence.. it will produce and provide you with the fruits that you need.  Then you will see and say how generous the Universe is.

Q: it has been like this in all the other things so why not in relationships..

Mooji; Because whatever you think to be important YOU want to take care of... and relationship is big wave.  Even you're not responsible for finding the one that is compatible with you.  Grace brings this one.  Perfect timing.  So you don't have to waste any time kissing frogs. lol

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  1. Love this! Very comforting and oh so timely!