Monday, 6 December 2010

I'm Yours~ "Doing It" With The World

After recording the song "I'm Yours", making a video of it and putting it out to the world tonight i realized something kind of major.  When I've fallen deeply in love with the world... and give myself to it, I can NEVER be alone.  It's almost like, being single is a myth.  Who is ever really single except in their mind?  When I am being The Awareness that sees and is everything, I can never be alone.  I am actually AllOne.  So whole.  So complete.  So open.  So true to who I really am.  I am my Source.  I am knowing this and feeling this tonight, which is so much different than just saying it or understanding it in theory.

Who knows how long I'll stay awake this time.. but what I know is right now, I am awake.  Right now, there is nothing missing.  Right now, I am complete.  I am one with you.  I am you.  And i know you are me.  There's no separation in this realm of truth.  There is literally no one to be with.  No one I can be  disconnected from.

My soul is smiling on me as I have this experience and my Spirit seems to be dancing inside me and all around me at the same time.  Who knew giving of myself in this way, with no rules, no boundaries, no limitations would bring back to me such a feeling of completion and perfection.

Tonight I fearlessly and unconditionally gave all of me, and in return, simultaneously I received all of me back ten fold in the form of my brothers and sisters in the light.

I look forward to doing this in my intimate relationship as well... but what divine practice to "do it" with the world, (which is me), first.

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  1. Nice to hear what you're up to; me too.
    ~ c a r s o n