Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Newest Blog on Effortless Relationships

My girl Michelle asked me if I would write a relationship blog.  I made some joke about not knowing anything about relationships and not knowing what I would write.  Then a couple weeks later I wrote a blog called, Choosing a life partner is like choosing a running partner. It was fun and cathartic and something that just mystically came to me during a run.

Since then, I have gone into more of a place of surrender with it.  Yes, it's great to know what I want, but even greater than that is to feel whole and complete right now with me.  That knowing, that feeling gives me a great sense of inner joy and peace.

I still don't feel like I know much about anything but I'm going to be writing down some of my experiences, realizations and reflections and sharing them here.  Feel free to peek, or subscribe and share your thoughts here as well.

I am enjoying having a long term relationship with life and all that it brings.  Actually, I don't feel there is anything else "to do" other than enjoy my relationship with All That Is... and tossing ideas around in a blog is part of that too.  So................... here we go!

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