Sunday, 5 December 2010

Choosing A Life Partner Is Kinda Like..

...choosing a running partner.

I went on a run today and noticed how much I was enjoying being alone.  I could set my pace, walk when i wanted to, change direction, run the stairs. And I started thinking... it's also nice to have someone to do this WITH... but not everyone is going to want to go on my crazy route at my crazy pace.

When choosing a running partner, I want someone who can keep up with me, not fall behind or slow me down but also not leave me in the dust.  Someone who shares the love of health and wellness and takes care of his mind, body and spirit.  Someone who can be flexible, someone who wants to run WITH me, being in the moment together effortlessly noticing all the miracles of nature and enjoying the river, the flowers, the breeze, the sun, the sky... not someone who wants to put his headphones on and push through effortfully just to "get it over with" or "make his goal".  

What happens when I choose a cute running partner with super fly athletic gear and a pretty smile?  
I get a super cute running partner who may or may not be a good fit for me.  

What I'm noticing is that the long term relationships/friendships in my life have sustained themselves effortlessly because we are drawn to the same things. Music, social work, self awareness work, effortless prosperity, The Work, Fearless Living, Tony Robbins, spirituality of ANY kind, organic food, dancing, having fun sober...yes sober, deep conversations about life and other deep shit, animals, musical theatre, reggae, kids, clairvoyant work, health and wellness, working out, nutrition, feng shui and it goes on and on and on like that.  

The question I'm asking myself is WHY would I want to be with someone who may love music but doesn't take care of his body and hates cats?  Probably because he's REAL sexy!?  lol.  What I've learned is, that relationship isn't going to last long.  Yet I still have fun while I'm in it and that's all good.  I'm at a place now in my life where I desire to have fun with the ones I'm also most compatible with.  I'm surrounding myself with people who are aware and interested in being connected and living an effortless life.  I'm moving away from those who are into drama, control, chaos and effort.  Having a partner, one partner could be effortless too and I'm totally open to that.

I'm noticing how it feels good to be present and fully in my body when making decisions that will affect my immediate circumstances.  How when I'm in my head fantasizing about "how great it's gonna be in the future." or "how FINE he is, and who cares if he's mentally manipulating and never seems to have any money when it's time to pay the bill.", it never works out and there are usually MANY lessons to be learned along the journey.

Sometimes it's fun to run alone.  Sometimes it's fun to have a running partner.  Sometimes it's fun to have a partner but still go running by yourself, and other times, it's fun to do EVERYTHING with your partner.  All of it is perfect and the question to ask is, "What do YOU want to experience?"

I'm getting clearer every day...


November 29th 2010

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