Saturday, 25 December 2010

Undress Yourself of the Un Love

"There comes a point in your own seeing that you see the 
same Self in everyone. So to love you is not an act I need 
to make.. it is inevitable..the most natural thing. I cannot 
love your ignorance but I know that behind that ignorance 
is an unchanging truth. As you are, so you will see the world." 
    • You will be relating to each one as your own self.  You are not loving them personally..  it's an impersonal intimacy.. that doesn't have to know you or know about you in order to embrace you, to accept you...not to award love to you.. So when u feel love inside, yes i can say, the love u feel inside yourself is my own self... But we don't say such things.. easy to be misunderstood.

    • ‎It's the arrogance of Ego to feel that somebody should love you in a way..but you are love..It's easy to love love...isn't it? 

      But you have to first undress yourself of the UN-Love that somehow gathers itself around us when we entertain the idea of a private self. When that is uncovered then love enjoys loving love. We can say it like this.. We don't have to be cheesy about it but it's how it feels no?"

      So THIS is why I can love everyone and say I love everyone and truly feel I love everyone even before I KNOW anyone.  Good to hear Mooji make it so clear.

      Merry Mooji Christmas!

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