Sunday, 5 December 2010

What Causes Misery? What Causes Joy?


The 'wanting' is actually causing the misery.  Believing that I could be lacking ANYTHING actually causes misery.  We imagine, "When I get it I'll be happy.." Ok, so one day you get it and it SEEMS to make you happy but a day later you want something different and here comes misery, dissatisfaction or discontentment once again.  In reality there is no happiness in that thing.  It is the absence of wanting that brings about our natural state of joy.  I can apply this to anything!  From rearranging my apt, finding a new apt, buying a new car, or getting a new haircut, to losing weight, buying new shoes getting a new room mate or looking for a man to be in a relationship with.  Knowing that I am complete and whole just as I am right now.  No thing is missing.  This is it!  So simple yet so easy to forget when Ego takes over. Ego wants us to believe there is always something out there BETTER than this.  The grass is always greener. This hair cut is cute is but what if we went juuuust a little shorter.. or straighter or curlier... maybe we should color it!  

Once again Mooji has blown my mind and I am floating on yet another cloud of awareness.
"Wherever you have intention you will suffer.  Why not just relax and see what life brings." Mooji

Watch the clip;

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