Tuesday, 11 January 2011

When I'm Unidentified, I No Longer "Have A Type"

New realization!
I'm noticing the more I'm identified (believing my story about me), the more I identify YOU (create my story about you).

Example of identification and it's effects: So I have this story about me that I have a type of man... and this guy I just met.... is SO not my type.  He's way too nice.  It seems too easy.  Too good to be true.  You know... he's all the right things, I'm just not attracted to him....

The more I believe my story about me, the more I create and then believe my story about you!

The more I UNidentify myself the more I notice ANYONE could be my potential partner.

When I am unidentified, I no longer have a type and it's like the whole world has just opened up to me.

*Mooji says "Unidentified, Presence, The Absolute, The Observer"
Byron Katie says "Who would you be without that thought?"  
Bijan says,  "Higher self, True self, Living Above The Line." 
Wayne Dyer says, "I am my Source." 
These are ALL the same thing different wording. 

When I am 'who I am without my limiting thoughts', I know that the true essence of anyone is the true essence of everyone and I can see, appreciate and fall in love with everyone's true essence.

This opens me up to a Universe of men I never even noticed before!
So many new options!   How cool is that?!  

I notice even with this new realization that my personality gels better with some than others and that is perfectly ok too.  It's just good to know that it's just my persona/ego NOT my Spirit that is doing the gelling or not gelling.  My Spirit can gel with anyone who is willing to gel with me.

I'm telling you... it's a whole new world folks... a whole new world!  And the random postal worker with the pot belly and the big heart better watch out cuz this unidentified one is OPEN!  LOL!!!

JeniFuLovesYou <3


  1. <3 Delightful. Thanks for including me.

  2. LOVE this!!
    I remember my own surprise upon discovering that far from there being only One Right Partner for me, there were Many Possible Partners. The realm of possibility is infinite; so much easier than the needle-in-the-haystack approach!