Sunday, 9 January 2011

The closest thing on Earth to what we are when we aren't on Earth

You know.. when i realized "I" am both the lover and the Beloved, my heart finally knew what it was to be full.  I became my soul mate and everyone else became a bonus.
It's then that I experience unconditional love for everyone equally and the identity of those people disappears into thin essence of the Spirit.  And their essence is my essence is your essence is his essence.  And it all feels good.
And what's behind the eyes of another shines through, and their body becomes this cherry on top that takes that love to a place of body awareness and human form experienced ecstasy manifested through touch.
And that essence that we are, becomes One again when we're together, through physical connection when we feel each other.....
and it's the closest thing we have on Earth to what we are when we aren't on Earth!
It's what hippies would call, "Out of this world maaan..."
What a trip.
Who needs drugs and alcohol when we have all this.
Mmmm mmm mmm.