Sunday, 16 January 2011

Be who you are and love who you be! Cuz then, you can truly rest in peace.

At the end of the night right before you drift off to sleep you can't take all the people you love.
You can't take all the people that get on your nerves either, or your thoughts about them and how you would do it so much better than them.  (I speak from personal experience of course:)

I can't take my kid with me into deep sleep.. can't take my furry kids either.  I can take my judgements, opinions, negativity and bad thoughts with me but then I'll just have bad dreams and wake up tired, so I figure it's best to leave those behind too.  When I go to sleep I don't take my goals, desires and aspirations nor do I take my achievements and accolades.  Deep sleep calls for none of this.  Deep sleep is where I get to rest in peace.  

What if dying was just like that? (it is.)
When it's all said and done does ANY of this crap even MATTER??  
If it feels good keep it, but if it stresses you out, throw it in the garbage, tie up the bag and toss that shit out.  

Tonight I'm real clear that none of it matters.  Even the feel good stuff.  The deal is, if it makes you feel good right now, in the next moment, if that thing goes away or changes, you could lose that good feeling.  And if you're real invested in how others feel about YOU, well get ready to ride the roller coaster of your life my friend.  Let it go!  They're gonna think what they're gonna think.  That's their JOB.  We all see through different eyes and perception is a bitch.  Get real and GET OVER IT.  Let people think what they want.  A great man once told me, "You can't please everyone kid.  There's always going to be SOMEONE who doesn't like you." Sammy Davis Jr.

At the end of the day all i have is how I feel about ME.  Was I honest?  Did I have integrity?  Did I speak my truth?  Did I take care of me (therefore being able to take care of my kid and my animals)?  Did I do my best while I was here?  Was I a good friend to myself first and then others?  THIS is what matters to me.  The apartment, the boyfriend, the husband, the car, the jewelry, the clothes, the shoes, the success, the money, the education, the experience, the lessons learned, the interactions with others.... not so much dude.  Not so much.  

Connecting with others is valuable, yes and experiencing ourselves as The Absolute through interacting with others, yes.  But, the guy who almost hit me with his car earlier because the woman he'd almost hit prior to me threw a piece of food at his windshield and called him a "shit stain".... DOESN'T MATTER.  It's OVER. Leave it on the street.  

Go to bed, with mind empty. Rest in peace with a smile.  

Feeling good about ME is ALL that matters to me because at the REAL end, that's all I'm gonna have to take with me.  When I so called die, I can't take you, my memories will be forgotten, my favorite meal will never be tasted again (all the more reason to chew your food slowly and enjoy it to the fullest).  Sex?  Get it now!   Whether it's with yourself or with someone else!  

Enjoy each moment.  Love the one you're with (especially if it's you) but even if it's a tree or the breeze or a dog or your kid or the bus driver or the stranger in the grocery store...just love. Listen to music. Try doing one thing at a time for once.  Make time for your kids, enjoy your animals, SLOW DOWN, smile more often, sit down and talk to old people, sit down and talk to a so called homeless person, go feed some people at a soup kitchen, donate some stuff you don't need to someone who will use it,  be good to others, call your mother, take your brother out to lunch, write a love letter, tell your best friend how much you love her, give someone a gift for no reason, stop keeping score, drink more water, love yourself, go get a massage, go hiking, get a pedicure, wear comfortable shoes, be yourself for God's sake all the time no holds barred, do what you love!

Be who you are and love who you be!  Cuz then, you can truly rest in peace.
It really doesn't get any better than that <3


Be who you are and love who you be!  Cuz then, you can truly rest in peace
"Let the beauty of who you are, be what you love." JeniFu

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